DR Alpa Kaushal Bhanusali

I – Dr Alpa Bhanusali ( Microbiologist ) is running my Advanced Pathology Laboratory with a collobration with Thyrocare at national level. We are keen in performing various kinds of Health Check ups to keep you healthy and updated.

Along with that I do have our firm – Dr Bhanusalis Wellness Care – where we deal with various kind of wellness products.
Dr Bhanusalis Wellness Care sticking to a fitness and wellness. If you truly believe you can reach your goals, you will. If you’re still doubting yourself, than join Dr B.W.C’s wellness products to make your exercise easy with all the health benefits.
Luckily, we have the perfect pick-me-up to do the trick and solve all your health related problems with a wide range of our products such as Fully Automatic Robotic Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Thermal Heating Fully Automatic Massage Beds, Leg & Foot Massager, Scalp Massager, Finger Massager, Eye Massager, Back Massager etc etc .
We – Dr Bhanusalis wellness Care have the perfact and relaxing massager for all body parts to give you the soothing massage and relaxation. Our products are designed by high quality German Engineered Technology with smart and intelligent micro automatic chips to deliver you the best quality results with ease.

DR Alpa Kaushal Bhanusali
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