Dr. Bhavisha Shah

This is Dr.Bhavisha Shah(naturopath) from Surat

I am counseling psychologist, Certified hypnotherapist from California university.
Certified yoga teacher
Working as a garbhsanskar coach with vision of teaching garbhsanskar to 50 lakh couples till 2035.I am working as DMIT (scientific mind test) expert since 2013 and guided so many students to select perfect career as per their own personality, psychology and in born talents and also help youngsters to find perfect match suitable to their psychology with scientific mind matching through DMIT.I am NLP practitioner, numerologist,angel and terot card reader, .Love to help people in healing their physical and emotional issues being divine channel of reiki and pranik healing and more than ten alternative healing therapies.

I love to write and sing.

Dr. Bhavisha Shah
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