Dr. Bina Shah

– Mrs India Gujarat 2018
– Owner PhysiCare Physiotherapy Clinic
– Founder ErgoRehabIndia Company
– Visiting Physiotherapist at Jivanshailly Clinic.

I’m a fitness influencer, Himalaya trekker having goal of making people healthy and contributing in Fit India. For that taking live session, webinars and having YouTube channel. Learning and growing myself through travelling all around the world, more than 15 countries. I keep upgrading myself in my profession and I’m certified Ergonomist, certified Pilates instructor, certified before and after pregnancy exercise trainer , certified tapping for sports injuries, certified acupuncturist. I’m a learner in classical music since 5 years and Kathak dance in 3rd year. Having happy family life , I’m a mother of 2 kids . I lead a happy, growing life always ready to help people.

Dr. Bina Shah
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