Nidhi Yayati Desai

Nidhi Desai has her Art Studio – Shoonya on Ghoddod road, Surat.

She is qualified MBA in HR and has worked in a company for two years before pursuing Art as a full time career. She believes in adding colours to other people’s lives.
Nidhi has been practicing various art forms for 7 years now and through her artistic journey she fell in love with the Indian Folk Art.
She believes that we need to protect and spread awareness about our Indian art forms and heritage to the next generation as well as all over the world.
She conducts various art workshops for kids and women, along with making Wall Murals and collaborating with various interior designers and architects.
She truly thinks that everyone has a creative corner in themselves, and they just need someone to tap it.
Therefore, she loves being the person who opens the gate to creativity for others and makes their lives colourful.
She is seeking an opportunity to add beauty and Colours to your life by adding Paintings and Murals in your houses or office.

Nidhi Yayati Desai
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