Sunita Goswami

SUNITA GOSWAMI, A Name with all Positive Aura, Energy and Dedication.
She is a NLP COACH, COUNSELLOR & Business Growth Coach whose Phrases reflects her personality – “BE TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF”
She has around 9 years of exposure in Counselling and 3 year of exposure in Wellness & NLP
In This Hustling-bustling life, She Helps to Grow and Strengthen Your Inner Self, She helps to draw out all your problems from the depth of your mind and revise your whole mind in an Optimistic way.
She believes everyone has Potential but this Stress-filled Chaotic World keep giving us downfall and for that you need a Right Person at Right Time to ask Right Questions.
As a trainer, Sunita has been recognized for providing an energetic and a conducive, neutral learning environment to the participants. She has facilitated and coached clients from various industries and approx. 4000+ people are benefited with her sessions in the Field of Personal and Professional Development.
She is The Founder of “Scintillating Wellness & Training Centre”, My Little Arrows Preschool & Director of Quantum Corporation.

Sunita Goswami
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